Internal Audit Unit

The Internal Audit Unit (IAU) of the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) was established by Government Gazette 6071/19-10-2023 Issue B’.

The IAU is autonomous, operates at department level, and reports directly to the Director and BOD President of NOA. The strategic goals of the Unit are as follows:

  • Conduction of scheduled and unscheduled internal audits in the Directorates, Institutes, and other structures and units of NOA (assurance / internal audit work)
  • Provision of reasonable assurance and objective reassurance regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of governance systems and processes, based on the principles of sound fiscal management, risk management, and control measures
  • Provision of consulting services, upon approval of the Director and BOD President of NOA, in accordance with the applicable legislation
  • Ensuring the proper, effective, and secure management and use of information system

Deputy Head of Internal Audit Unit;
Maria Triantafyllou, Lofos Nymfon, P.C.: 11851, Athens, Tel:. 210 3490148, E-mail:



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