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    The educational program for children at Thissio Visitor Center

  • Doridis Telescope

    Doridis Telescope

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  • August

    August 2017 | Photo: Theofanis Matsopoulos


    Julius Schmidt, CHARTE DES GEBIRGE DES MONDES, 1878, ΝΟΑ Library

  • simonvouet English2

    Simon Vouet (1590 - 1649), The Muses Urania and Calliope (1634)

    National Gallery of Art, USA

  • Τηλεσκόπιο Αρίσταρχος English

    Aristarchos Telescope, Helmos Observatory

  • Helmos National Geographic English

    Helmos Observatory, Photography: Harry Katzjaeger
    Source: "Top Shots," National Geographic, June 2012

  • Eskimo Nebula NGC2392 English

    Eskimo Nebula (NGC2392), Aristarchos Telescope, Observer: Dr. Ioannis Alikakos (NOA)

    Digital Image Processing: Theofanis Matsopoulos.

  • Μουσείο Γεωαστροφυσικής English

    Geoastrophysics Museum, Thissio

  • Εκπαίδευση στο ΕΑΑ English

    Summer School in Astrophysics

  • Τηλεπισκόπηση-Γή English

    Remote Sensing & Earth Observation

  • Greece from ISS English

    Greece from the International Space Station

    Photography: Paolo Nespoli, ESA astronaut

  • 3D Sun English

    3D Image of the Sun from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) mission of NASA.

    Source: NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory

  • Helicorder English

    Analogue seismograph recorder

  • Geothermal English
  • Παλιρροιογραφος English

    Tide-gauge of the Instittute of Geodynamics at Vlyhada, Santorini.

  • Πειραμα Ulusses English
    Recovered  Ocean Bottom Seismometers on board of research vessel in the frame of the ULYSSES scientific program
  • Meteo historic archive english

    The historic archive of NOA/IERSD with recordings of climatic observations dated from the mid-19th century is one of the oldesr sources of climatic information for Eastern Medirranean.

  • Meteo time-series graph English

    The evolution of the average annual temperature in Athens from the mid-19th century until today, according to the records of the historic station NOA/IERSD (Hill Nymphs Thission).

  • Researchers Night 2014

    Pnyx Hill: Citizens observe the night sky through telescopes of NOA

    Researchers Night 2014

  • Researchers Night 2014

    Pnyx Hill: Citizens observe the night sky through telescopes of NOA

    Researchers Night 2014

BEYOND: Building a Centre of Excellence for Earth Observation-based monitoring of Natural Disasters

BEYOND thumb 120x100Established in the framework of the FP7-REGPOT-2012-2013-1 Coordination and Support Actions - Theme Area “4.1 Unlocking and developing the research potential of research entities established in the EU´s Convergence regions and Outermost regions”, the BEYOND project (EC GA No 316210) aims at maintaining and expanding the existing state-of-the-art interdisciplinary research potential, by Building a Centre of Excellence for Earth Observation based monitoring of Natural Disasters in South-Eastern Europe. BEYOND foresees to increase its access range to the wider Mediterranean region through the integrated cooperation with twining organizations in Europe and USA. BEYOND Center of Excellence is hosted at the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) - Institute of Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Remote Sensing (IAASARS). The operations of BEYOND officially started in June 2013, and will last for the next three years. The approved EC budget contribution for BEYOND is 2.305.650 Euros.

BEYOND aspires to:
1. Incorporate multidisciplinary excellence from diverse sciences, as Remote Sensing, Meteorology, Atmospheric Physics, Hazard Modelling, Geology, Geophysics, Seismology, Volcanology, and Hydrology.
2. Exchange know-how with more than 20 International Organisations (e.g. GEO, EC DGs, UNISDR), Universities at Europe and USA, and cooperate with Space Agencies such as ESA, NASA, and DLR.
3. Set up innovative integrated observational solutions of the Earth, allowing to a multitude of monitoring networks (space borne and in-situ), owned by NOA and the collaborative Institutions and Space Agencies, to operate in a complementary, unified and coordinated manner.
4. Transform the observations to added value products ready for down-streaming to specific societal needs for disaster management.
5. The online delivery of observations and higher level products to the involved stakeholders, scientists and institutional users.

BEYOND Research Portfolio:
The BEYOND research/product portfolio covers a broad spectrum of natural disaster phenomena such as earthquakes, volcanoes, extreme weather events, floods, fires, fire smoke and toxic gasses dispersion, emission concentrations, dust storms, air quality aspects and their impacts to human health.

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